My Guarantee to You

I guarantee my knives for life. Period. If you ever experience an issue with your knife, whether purchased from me or not, send me an email and i will make it right. If a failure occurs making the knife unrepairable, I will replace it. Keep in mind though, that each knife is one-of-a-kind. If i need to replace a knife, it will not be identical to the previous one. Freeman Forge knives, when used as designed, should outlast you. Pick a favorite grandkid, because they will own it when you’re worm food.

Knife Care

All knives require a little attention to be kept in working order. High Carbon steels are prone to rust, but don’t worry. All you need to do to keep your knife from rusting is oil it ocassionally and rinse and wipe it dry after use. Any oil you have lying around will do, but if you are using your knife to cut food, make sure it is food safe. Please never put a knife, any knife, in a dishwasher. ┬áIf you will be storing your knife for more than a few days, take it out of the sheath, they will trap moisture against the blade.


All knives need sharpening eventually, but if properly maintained, sharpening your Freeman Forge Knives will be no problem. If you are not comfortable with sharpening, I will provide the service for you free of charge and only ask you cover the shipping.