Do you take custom orders?

Yes! just shoot me an email at Mike@freemanforge.com detailing what you are looking to have made and we can get the ball rolling.

What steels do you offer?

I am a big fan of High Carbon steels. As of now, all Freeman Forge blades will be either 1095 or O-1.

How about handle materials?

If left to my own devices, i almost always gravitate to woods. That being said, the sky is the limit. If i can get my hands on the materials, we can make it happen.

Can you make me the exact same knife as that one i saw a picture of?

I can certainly make the same pattern knife with the same materials and finish, however, each Freeman Forge knife is hand made and shaped, so they are all a little different.

Can you make a hollow/convex ground blade?

Right now i don’t have the equipment to do anything other than a flat grind properly. soon…