About Me

I grew up in a small beach town in New Jersey. From a young age i was enthralled by knives, as i’m sure many of you were. Through camping, hiking, and working on a fishing boat, i gained an appreciation of the difference a quality knife can make. I made my first knife when i was about 14, when my Boy Scout troop got some kits. Needless to say, it was atrocious. However, that knife still sits atop my work bench today. In 2006 I enlisted in the US Coast Guard and am still active duty today, and hopefully for another 10 years! I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the country for the past 10 years, living in AK, CA, WA, VA, SC, and MI. My amazing wife Jocelyn and I are currently living in Essexville, MI.

History of Freeman Forge

Sometime around the spring of 2014, my knife collecting addiction had far exceeded what my wallet and my wife would allow. Her suggestion to me was, “why not just make your own?!” At first i thought that was ridiculous; there’s no way i can pull off the quality i’m after! But just for fun i grabbed some old files and gave it a shot. With some help from YouTube, i actually surprised myself with how well it turned out. Since that day i have been designing and making knives during almost all my free time. I sold a few here and there to friends and family, and the idea of Freeman Forge began to formulate in my head. Since then, i have been accumulating equipment and experience as i continue to grow and develop my style. I have always resolved that when i leave the military, i will do something i am passionate about, regardless of pay. The direction i plan on taking Freeman Forge is to continue developing in my craft throughout the remainder of my career in the Coast Guard, and make the transition into knife making full time upon my retirement.